Duane eddy - rock 'n' roll forever

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    It has also been argued that " That's All Right (Mama) " (1954), Elvis Presley 's first single for Sun Records in Memphis , could be the first rock and roll record, [30] but, at the same time, Big Joe Turner 's " Shake, Rattle & Roll ", later covered by Haley, was already at the top of the Billboard R&B charts . Other artists with early rock and roll hits included Chuck Berry , Bo Diddley , Fats Domino , Little Richard , Jerry Lee Lewis , and Gene Vincent . [27] Soon rock and roll was the major force in American record sales and crooners , such as Eddie Fisher , Perry Como , and Patti Page , who had dominated the previous decade of popular music, found their access to the pop charts significantly curtailed. [31]

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    While the glory years of 1958 to 1963 are long gone, the sound of Duane Eddy’s guitar has reverberated through the decades. Ironically, George Harrison and Paul McCartney were big fans of Eddy’s and, he recorded with both of them in later years. Eddy was recruited to play on McCartney’s “Rockestra Theme” in 1987, and Harrison played on Eddy’s self-titled comeback album from 1987, which also featured James Burton, Ry Cooder, Steve Cropper (of Booker T. & the .’s), John Fogerty and David Lindley. Eddy’s mid-Eighties comeback began some club dates in . and brief West Coast tour with Ry Cooder in 1983. In 1986, the British avant-garde instrumental outfit Art of Noise recruited Eddy to perform on a remake of “Peter Gunn,” which became a Top Ten hit in Britain (and just missed the . Top Forty).”

    Elvis Presley for putting Rock 'n' Roll on the musical map to the Whole World. The way he mixed country, blues and gospel(ending up as rockabilly, white rockers Rock 'n' Roll ) and for the attitude and sexual stage perfomances made him one of the most popular artists ever. The first song 'recorded' by Elvis was 'My Happiness' an acetate demo recorded in 1953 in what to become the Sun Studios .
    His first five singles, released on Sun Records , were blues songs and the first was :
    'That's All Right'   recorded July the 5th 1954 on the Sun label, followed by 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'Milk Cow Blues Boogie' , 'Baby, Let's Play House' and 'Mystery Train' . His breakthrough was with the singel 'Heartbreak Hotel' released January 27, 1956 on the RCA label.

    With Les Dixon ' s return, the band continued as before, playing very much the same venues. In early 1959 the Saints split up. Ray Robbins, disillusioned with the band ' s lack of success, found a ' regular job ' (although he would still be occasionally play with the Zodiac All Stars ) and George Brunker moved back to the east coast. Prior to George Brunker leaving, he coerced Les into making an acetate recording. The session was held with future Clarion label owner Martin Clarke.  The recording took place at Martin Clarke ' s house in Mosman Park. Les did Giddy Up A Ding Dong, At The Hop, Saints Rock and Roll and Endless Sleep . The personnel on the session were Les (vocal/rhythm guitar), George Brunker (drums), occasional Saints saxophonist Jimmy Cook, as well as an unknown lead guitarist and a middle aged lady on piano. As far as Les can remember Martin Clarke organized the piano and lead guitar. In early 1959, Les Dixon joined the band as additional vocalist. As Les recalls, one afternoon he and Saints band mate Johnny Agnew heard a new group were playing at the Bamboo nightclub in Bentley. The band, of course, was T he Zodiacs . Impressed by the rocking sounds, Les and Johnny soon gravitated to Daisy ' s florist. With their arrival the band ' modestly ' renamed themselves Clive Higgins and The Zodiac All - Stars featuring Les Dixon . The All-Stars consisted of Clive, Les (Vocals/rhythm guitar), Brian, Tommy, Johnny Agnew (lead guitar) and Jimmy Cook on saxophone. Toward the end of 1959, The Zodiac All- S tars decided to cut an acetate recording. One of the main reasons, given by both Clive and Les, was to hand out to the girls during shows. Entering the Bale Sound Studio in Cremorne Arcade, Hay Street, Perth, T he Zodiacs recorded four tracks. The Bale S tudio was basically one small room, with a sound booth. There was one microphone to record the band, while another mike was fed into an empty office next door for echo. The tracks recorded were an original number by Les, Stingy Mingy Mama (written for a ' mean ' girlfriend), as well as a flat out version of At the Hop with wild piano courtesy of Brian and two numbers , Hold Me Tight and Danny Boy with Clive on vocals. The personnel on the session were Clive (vocal/rhythm guitar), Les (vocal/rhythm guitar), Johnny Agnew (lead guitar), Brian Prior (piano), Tommy Menzel (drums) and Peter Fairbrother (saxophone). The band sent copies of the acetate to Festival records, but nothing eventuated. The beginning of 1960 saw many changes to T he Zodiac All- S tars. Les Dixon left the group for a more regular source of income. Recently married Les decided to play and sing for show bands like the Norman Wrightson Dance Band , before starting his own show band, T he Aristo-Cats , in1961.

    Duane Eddy - Rock 'n' Roll ForeverDuane Eddy - Rock 'n' Roll ForeverDuane Eddy - Rock 'n' Roll ForeverDuane Eddy - Rock 'n' Roll Forever